I know a lot of people are interested on what I did regarding the 1 vs. 100 situation, so here’s the result:

I managed to find someone who’ll work my Friday shift in return for me working her Wednesday, thus freeing up the tape date on my calendar. I know it’s forfeiting a year of eligibility for what isn’t even a sure shot of getting on the actual show, but then I figured that if it took me this many tries to get on a show at all, then it’ll probably be more than a year before the next opportunity comes around.

In other news, I recommend that anyone with an account at Bank of the West to consider changing banks. My credit card number was stolen earlier in the week, and the guy charged $600 on the account (Hmm… what can I think of that costs that much?). Even though I unauthorized the charge, it still went through, leaving me scrambling to have enough money for rent and other bills that are due in the near future while I wait more than two weeks for the money to be put back in my account. So much for a bank that’s supposed to pride itself on service.


5 thoughts on “

  1. djtyrant

    Hey I just got a chance to catch the show tonight and it looks like it is a blast! Are you trying out to be in the mob or what? Anyways, best of luck and make sure to let us know when it is on so we can watch it 🙂


  2. usasatsui

    Do NOT get me started on the problems Bank of the West has caused me in this past few months.

    Worst of it is, until I settle my “overdraft” with them, I can’t get a bank account elsewhere (they charged me overdraft fees on fradulent charges, and while they reversed the fraudlent ones, they won’t do so with the overdraws).

  3. loogaroo

    I originally had a WaMu account (actually, it was an account at Great Western before WaMu bought them out), but when I got my first car, the bank that gave us the loan was going to give us a lower rate if I had my account there. Once that car died and I got the Mazda, I quickly tired of paying $7 a month for checking and decided to go elsewhere. BotW seemed like a decent enough place.


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