I’m on the horns of an interesting dilemma:

I just received a call from a woman who works in casting at 1 vs. 100. Ben & I tried out for the show about a month ago, and apparently they want me to be a part of the mob. Or at least, come to a taping to perhaps be part of the mob.

The issue is that the show’s taping on Friday. I work on Fridays. Meaning that I would have to somehow get the time off from work if I wanted to go. Only problem is, I’m not guaranteed to get on the show, much less win any money. On the other hand, this would be the first time I’ve ever gotten on a game show, and I’d hate to see the opportunity go past the boards.

I told the coordinator that I’d have to think it over, but she wants me to call back within half an hour.



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  1. itiparanoid

    If you want my honest opinion, I’d say no. You lose your chance to be on a game show for a year, odds are you will leave with absolutely nothing with no camera time, and you have no chance to be the One. You could get lucky and walk out with some, but that would require some contestant to be dumb enough to blow an assload of money on a total guess which will never happen. If you go on it, I wish you the best of luck. I personally would because I’m restricted from going on any game shows on TV right now (I know too many people), but if you feel lucky, I’d say good luck and I hope you can take home some decent money.

  2. usasatsui

    I say go for it. At least, you have nothing to lose by -asking- work if you can take this friday off to be on TV. Really, I’m sure they’ll understand.

    If they say no, and you can’t get the day off, then…well, meh. At least say yes to the 1 v 100 people…they’re expecting a ton of no-shows. Your job isn’t.

  3. tleberle

    If you ever listened to anything I said, don’t do it. (Or I hope you didn’t do it by the time you read this.)

    Sure, it’s an appearance on a game show, but it’s one that will take ten hours to tape. (Just like Deal or No Deal, which I’m sure you remember) As Alex said, you’re giving up a year of eligibility for a shot at a few hundred bucks.

    Plus you don’t want to flake out for your job. You’re trying to build up good will to get that promotion, right?

    Please don’t do this. Everything I’ve heard about the show is bad publicity, and I think your time will be better spent trying to climb up the job ladder.

  4. hmtriplecrown

    I say go for it. You only live once.

    Do we know the taping time is 10 hours? Tim can attest that Deal took 8 hours for 70 mins. of TV time, but they had close to 3 hours of technical difficulties as it was the first episode of the new season, shot in a new studio. (Still, 5 hours to tape 70 mins. of TV ain’t right.)

  5. nangbaby

    Do you have to even think about this?


    Even if you don’t make it as part of the mob, you will get to see what the atmosphere is like. There are so many people like me who will never even be in a studio audience on a national program simply because of location. So, go, man. GO!


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