I think I figured out who it was that got a hold of my debit card number.

A few weeks ago, when Ben & I went to see the TPIR taping, we went with Travis over to Johnny Rockets for something to eat after the show. The waiter who served us did not do a particularly good job of it; midway through our meal he told us that we’d have to pay early because he was leaving for the night. (Of course, he had enough time after the shift to make himself a milkshake, I noticed). Given the snobby tone of voice he gave us when telling us this bit of information, it was agreed between the three of us that he wasn’t going to get a tip. We all paid with our debit cards, and we all left the tip line blank.

Given the fact that:

A) all a person would have to know in order to use my debit card online is the card number and the 3-digit security number on the back; and
B) it’s the only time in the past six months I can remember giving my card to someone long enough for him to actually check out my card number,

I think we have our suspect.


3 thoughts on “

  1. usasatsui

    Never leave the tip line blank, it just means they’ll fill in any amount they want. They assume you forgot. Always write in the big zero.

    Anyway, I’d call this place. At the very least, that “pay early because my shift is over” thing has got to be against policy.

  2. thebossjustin

    One time I had a “my shift is over so here’s your check someone else will be taking over to take care of you”

    and no one refilled our drinks or anything

    so we just dashed

    dine and dashed that is

  3. loogaroo

    I believe it made the tip line blank, but I re-wrote the total on the bottom line, so it should’ve been obvious that I wasn’t leaving a tip. In any event, it wasn’t that he wrote in his own tip; he took the number (which he very easily could’ve done by writing it down on a napkin or something) because we stiffed him.


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