Well, yesterday I had my best all-around performance in a tournament ever. Considering the fact that this was the first time I’d played DDR in a competitive fashion in more than a year, I’d say that’s an accomplishment.

To start, I won my first match of a full-field, expert-level tournament. It was a loser’s bracket match (the tournament was double elimination), and I won the match 2 songs to 0. Beat the guy at his own song (Sync) 4 greats to 5, and then beat him at my chosen song (Mobo Moga) by a healthy margin. I then got eviscerated in the following match, but I didn’t expect to win that one anyway.

To top it off, I won the freestyle event. Oddly enough, I was suggested by fortheonesilove, who I did a second routine with in the event, to come up with a back up routine in case the custom song we were using failed to work. The backup routine – performed to the tune of “I’ll Make Love to You” – brought the house down. It was reportedly the unanimous decision of the five judges as the winner, which was really surprising. There were eight routines total, and many of them had a very high production value. (One person – who happened to be the opponent in my victorious match – went so far as to recreate the entire dance steps to “Thriller” and even brought along some dry ice to set up the pad like a smoky graveyard.) The routine I did with Shayne took 4th place, and I’m proud of Shayne ranking that high on his first routine – especially since we had literally 20 minutes to coordinate our movements to the piece. We’d both practiced on our own up until the day of the tournament, and spent part of the afternoon rehearsing the song by playing the tape through his car stereo.)

All in all, the day was amazing fun. Almost makes me want to run another one. Almost.

I said almost!

(Here’s a video of the routine. Be warned, though: it may be a bit… disturbing.)


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  1. mmxfan

    Hey, Congrats Tim.

    I’m glad that you had fun at this and won a couple of times. Although I’m no expert at DDR, it’s nice to see that you triumphed over such a well-skilled field, if only for 2 things.

    I’m also happy that you’re feeling better. It seemed that the first few weeks of the year were utter hell for ya. I bet you felt great after Da Bears went down in a blaze of shame to the Colts.


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