Another Loogaroo Productions original…

Well, we tried this four months ago, but my video camera decided to be a brat and not record any of it. We tried it again last night at riversidedimple‘s house, and this time we got it on tape. (Unfortunately, the first part of Jason’s game didn’t record due to dirty camera heads – probably the same reason it didn’t work at all last time.)

I’m keeping this friends only just in case there are some unscrupulous TV executives out there who would steal this idea.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… The Time Bomb!

Part 1 – Jason Hernandez plays levels 4 & 5

Part 2 – Ben Ziek plays levels 1 – 3

Part 3 – Ben Ziek plays levels 4 & 5

Parts 2 & 3 also include a running clock for the viewing audience to see the timer that the folks in the room couldn’t.

If you guys have some feedback, I’m all ears.

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