I have good news and bad news.

Good news: I’d say there’s a sporting chance that I might get called to be a contestant on Temptation. Ben, Jason and I went to the open call last night, and Jason & I were the only two people with a Y chromosome to make the first cut out of the 30 people that were there.

Bad news: If the show that eventually gets to air is the same as the pilot they showed us, a lot of game show fans are going to cry foul.


8 thoughts on “

  1. vtown

    Well fingers crossed that you make it.

    If they actually allowed Canucks, I’d be there in a heart beat!

    PLEASE tell me that they’ll have returning champions, bare minimum.

  2. mmxfan

    You don’t have to worry, it’s supposed to be like the old Sale of the Century program, just with some shop-at-home elements to it.

    I really don’t see this going more than 2 seasons. I would chalk it up to rushed production, poor hosting, or poor gameplay. It will be one of those 3.


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