The Waiting Game goes into overtime

So I drove over to the Fortiss office yesterday to pick up my badge from the Sheriff’s department. Of course, I picked the time of day to arrive when the HR lady decided to go on her 10-minute break – a break that ended up lasting nearly half an hour and probably would’ve went longer had the receptionist called her cell phone and told her to get her ass back inside because someone’s waiting for his badge. As a result, I missed my appointment at the Gardena Police Department to get the city badge, and I was forced to reschedule.

For Tuesday.

Dear God,

Please give Zoreh in HR a hemorrhoid the size of a canteloupe for costing me another $500 in lost wages.

– Tim


2 thoughts on “The Waiting Game goes into overtime

  1. loogaroo

    The $500 refers to the money I would’ve made at work, not the cost of the badge. The city badge is $125, and they’re paying for it.


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