Work & GSC update

Haven’t talked much about my recent doings, so here we go:

Finally got officially started with work on Tuesday. For the first five days, my shift went from 10PM to 6AM; now I’ve settled in for a significantly more reasonable 6PM-2AM shift. Work itself is really cool; most of the people I’m working with have pretty similar senses of humor as I do, so I’m getting along great with them. In the “Small World” file, one of the folks I’m working with also worked at that god-awful direct marketing firm I crashed and burned at shortly after moving to Glendale. As far as the job itself is concerned, I can’t tell you how enjoyable it is to be sitting at a Blackjack or Three Card Poker table and just watching the game unfold. I’ve always enjoyed just watching people play, and this is a perfect fit for that. And in any event, any job where you get fed for free (we get an $8 per diem for lunch) can’t be all bad.

Of course, it’s not as easy as it looks. Not only do I have to keep the action going smoothly, thus I need to be able to count up everyone’s bets have the payout ready in case all the players win, I have to keep my eye out for “mistakes”. Things like overpaying a bet, paying pushes, setting the action in the wrong spot (so a player-banker collects losing money while I end up having to pay the winners at the end of the line), and so on. Still, I’ve thus far shown to have a good eye for that kinda stuff, and most of the dealers are honest enough that you don’t have to be paranoid about them putting one over on you to score a tip from the player who benefitted from the error.

In the interim, this weekend was the west coast meeting of the Game Show Congress. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to attend because A) my work hours would’ve kept me away, and B) I’m so B-O-R-K broke I couldn’t afford a ticket. Luckily, the Chairman of the GSC comped me a spot at the luncheon for contributing with the game tournament on Saturday. We played three games of the $25,000 Pyramid (which got rave reviews thanks in no small part to the computer program I created for the game) and two of Buried Treasure, and everyone seemed to enjoy the proceedings.

As for the awards luncheon, it unsurprisingly ran way, way long, starting at noon and ending around 5:00. Wink Martindale and Bob Stewart were the honorees this year, and a really emotional moment took place when they surprised Betty White, who was there to speak about Stewart, with an award of her own.

When the luncheon was over, I got to meet Wink and get a picture with him. I’m pleased to report that I acted substantially less fanboyish than two years ago when I met Tom Kennedy and Monty Hall.

I went to work that night, got home around 10 minutes to 7, passed out in my bed, and woke up at 5:10 PM – about 10 minutes after I was supposed to leave for work. Oops. (In my defense, I’d been getting about two hours of sleep the last couple of days, thanks to the GSC.)

In other news, dmnsux0rz will be flying down for a week in August to interview for a position as a tester at Blizzard. While he’s here, he promises to pay a visit, at which point he claims that he’s going to beat me not only at Tecmo Super Bowl, but also at Yoshi’s Cookie. I then informed him that the latter will take place at the precise moment that Hell relocates to Greenland.

That about covers everything. See you in another 11 days.


4 thoughts on “Work & GSC update

  1. vtown

    Great picture with Wink!

    I really did enjoy my time at the GSC two years ago – and although I got pictures with Tom Kennedy and Monty Hall (who was thrilled to meet a fellow canuck!) I think the only time I felt “fanboish” was when I asked Bob Harris for a picture.

    Did Ken and Bob read, or just sign?

    Ryan 🙂

  2. loogaroo

    They were just there to sign. The whole thing was done in the room where the game tournament was being held, so it was really cramped and quite stuffy. I believe Ken’s schedule was also too tight for him to spend more than an hour or so there, as well.


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