Suffice to say that the past few weeks have been really screwing around with my sleeping schedule.

While I was training, I usually went to bed around 12:00-12:30 AM, and got up pretty easily around 8:30 AM and having plenty of time to get ready to go to my 10:00 training. After training, we were told that we would all be starting on the graveyard shift, which ran from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM the following day. So to help get myself conditioned to work such unusual hours, I began to stay up until 5:00-5:30 AM, waking up at around 2:00-2:30 PM feeling really groggy. Once work started in earnest at the casino, I found myself going to bed shortly before 7:00, and waking up after 3:00.

That’s not even the worst of it. Because of GSC and being under the weather the night before, I only got about 2 hours of sleep last Saturday and Sunday. After the Sunday night/Monday morning shift, I got home at 10 to 7, went straight to bed, and pretty much passed out. The next time my eyes opened, my alarm clock read 5:10 PM. Which would be fine… except that Monday was the first night of my new schedule of working 6 PM to 2 AM. Considering how I was leaving 50 minutes early to get to the casino on time (well, 20 minutes early, seeing as that was as early as you can clock in) without having to deal with downtown LA traffic in the middle of rush hour, it was obvious I was not going to make it to work on time that day.

Yesterday I was off, and planned on getting to bed around 5:00. That part worked out fine. What didn’t work out was the fact that I got maybe half an hour of sleep, then found myself wide awake at about 7:00 AM. I take a few catnaps during the day, hoping that a few short periods of dozing off will make up for what I missed wholesale the night/morning before, and fortunately I manage to get through tonight’s shift without nodding off. But still, this whole thing is getting me a bit worried. I mean, it’s 20 minutes after 5 right now, and I’m still up. Work is still 12 hours away, but that doesn’t mean I want to be waking up and finding myself having to rush through getting ready.

Honestly, I have no idea how Ben does it.


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  1. smartguy323

    Welcome to Graveyard shift son. Its hard to adjust at 1st, but soon you’ll get used to it. But its best to get a good NIGHTS rest since its better than sleeping when the sun is out. You wake up sweaty, feeling more like shit, and its just not a happy feeling when waking up after noon. Good luck adjusting


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