I figure I might as well bring this userpic out of the mothballs.

I do laundry every week, which requires about $3.50 worth of change to operate the washer and dryer for two loads each. The laundry room doesn’t have a change machine, so I have to find an outside source in order to get the necessary quarters. Fortunately, there is an arcade not 100 yards away from my apartment building, but in order to make sure that I don’t draw the ire of the owner for absconding with his precious quarters and not using them at his establishment, I usually play a couple of games of DDR there. The machine is actually in really good condition – plenty loud, good pads, all the unlocks, and a great monitor. The downside is that it’s $1 for 3 songs, but given that I don’t play nearly as much as I used to, I can handle the exorbitant price.

On my last song of my last game today, I decided to bite the bullet and play The Legend of Max, a song I probably haven’t played the whole way through in at least a year.

Given the information above, plus the fact that I managed an A on the song exactly once – and that was in my arrow-smashing prime – can someone explain to me how exactly I managed to combo the first 437 steps??

Seriously. I finished the song with about 10% of my life bar left, given that my endurance has gone to crap and I just totally ran out of gas, but still. This is the kind of thing that would’ve stunned me back in 2005.

On a side note, I’d like to congratulate Mike from last night’s episode of “Without Prejudice?” for reaching the final two. He was a member of the improv class Ben was helping to teach last year and he’s a really great guy who deserved to win the money (certainly more than that 19-year-old assclown who admitted to getting everything handed to him by his parents and had the critical thinking skills of a wet sock).


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  1. jetworld12

    I had the same problem with the change. In my case there was a Pepsi machine in the laundry room, so I’d slip in a dollar, and then press the coin return button and out would come my quarters. I just made sure no one saw me.

  2. nangbaby

    That show…

    Is it me or do the younger people tend to have a much higher chance of winning the money on “Without Prejudice?” than older candidates? I know I’m ageist, but if it were up to me, I wouldn’t give anyone under thirty a dime on that show (and I’m under thirty). It’s not that they wouldn’t use it wisely, but I’d rather give the money to someone with a little more experience in life.

  3. tleberle

    Re: That show…

    And that’s what I dislike so fervently about this show. When you basically have nothing to go on, you’re basically cutting the person you don’t like for either random or prejudicial reasons.

    I’d rather use my one “game show” appearance to go on a show where I control my own fate, thanks.


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