We’re undefeated!

Seattle Seahawks – 20
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 6

Granted, it took a while for the team to wake up, but once they did it they never looked back. If anything, they looked far better than last year’s season opener, when Josh Brown’s golden toe had to provide the scoring for them in Detroit. Especially encouraging is the overall performance: Hasselbeck threw for 222 yards and a TD, while Alexander had 105 yards rushing and a TD of his own. Even the defense played big, with a couple of bone-crushing hits that managed to sideline both Cadillac Williams and Jeff Garcia.

This has to be one of the most enjoyable opening weeks I’ve witnessed. Consider the following:

– The Seahawks won

– The Rams lost

– The Bears lost

– The Raiders lost (to Detroit of all teams!)

– The Jets lost (I haven’t been malevolent towards this team for a while, but cheering Chad Pennington for getting injured was just a classless move. I hope Kellen Clemens becomes the next Craig Whelihan and the Jets go 0-16 for the bad karma.)

Plus I’m 11 for 14 on the pigskin predictions, good enough for second place with two games left tonight. (My picks: Baltimore and San Francisco)

Next week: at Arizona (0-0)
Every year, people talk about how “improved” the Cardinals are. Let’s see if they’re right.


4 thoughts on “We’re undefeated!

  1. caffymajin

    I was happy as well. Unfortunately living in the bay i got to experience the glory of the Lions v. Raiders (ugh some of it was unwatchable the Raiders are still terrible), but from what i read and heard, the defense really is hoping to bring the wood this year and set the tone, sounds like a good season to me 🙂

  2. usasatsui

    If the Raiders can’t beat the Lions, their seasons is over right now.

    I saw the Jets game. I think they were cheering more for the backup QB than the injury of the starter, and the TV announcers overstated it. Sometimes the backup QB is very well liked even if he rarely plays. Still,had to make Chad feel like crap.

    I’m nervous about the Niners game too…it’s my only real chance to salvage a decent week on my picks (8-6 so far. Blech)

  3. loogaroo

    Considering the general mindset of Jets fans, I’m more inclined to believe they were cheering the fact that Pennington got injured. I think they were cheering even before Clemens took the field.


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