Arizona Cardinals – 23
Seattle Seahawks – 20

As most of you know, when the Seahawks lose, I usually whine and moan about how the team stinks and doesn’t deserve to take the field against Appalachian State, much less an NFL team.

But rather than do that, I’d like to list the following teams:

San Francisco
Tampa Bay
Green Bay

The above teams have as many, or more, wins as Seattle does at this point in the season. I can think of no higher insult than to be in the company of those teams.

Next week: vs. Cincinnati (1-1)
We should be able to win this game, provided we don’t spot them 17 points in the first half like we did against Arizona. Of course, given how the Bengals let Cleveland – Cleveland! – hang half a century on them, I don’t think it’s the ‘Hawks who’ll be giving the majority of the points.


5 thoughts on “

  1. usasatsui

    …You’re just mad because you’re in third place behind two of those teams. :p

    Seriously, the first two games don’t mean a heck of a lot. I wouldn’t read too much into it.

    Houston. Really. Who’d have though it?

    And who would have thought San Diego would get slaughtered like that?

  2. tleberle

    Those first two games mean exactly as much in the standings as any two other games. I’m not one to get mad over a sports game, but what a frustrating way to lose.

  3. usasatsui

    Well, if you look at it that way. But what I mean is that two games, expecially the first two, are not indicative of a trend. A 1-1 start does not mean an 8-8 season, or a 2-0 one a 14-2 season. It takes a little while to get things rolling and see just how good (or bad) you are.

  4. loogaroo

    True, but when you lose a game to a team you shouldn’t have lost to, it means at least one of two things: either the team is going to have to make that win up against a tougher team down the road, or the team isn’t going to end up with the record you hoped.

    Think of it this way: there are 10 games in the major league season for every one NFL game. So a loss to the Cardinals amounts to 10 losses against the Pirates. Not only does it cause the same proportional sting to your record, but it now forces you to win 10 more games against the Padres and the Mets to make up for it.


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