Seahawks Coronary Theater

Seattle Seahawks – 24
Cincinnati Bengals – 21

There is nothing more torturous than to be working in a casino, having to focus on what’s going on at a blackjack table… while every TV in the house is showing the Seahawks driving to take the lead in the final 3 minutes. Fortunately, I was able to look up between hands to see both the TD pass and the ensuing fumble on the kickoff. The best part of the game was that Chad Johnson was held without a touchdown, preventing him from doing one of those theatrical celebrations at Qwest Field.

Next week: at San Francisco (2-1)
All preseason, people have been talking up the 49ers as the team to beat in the NFC West, conveniently forgetting how the ‘Hawks have won division title three years in a row. They beat us both games last season; hopefully we’ll be more prepared for them this time, because I don’t want to see all that preseason hype validated.


One thought on “Seahawks Coronary Theater

  1. usasatsui

    “Team to beat”? Maybe beat a .500 record. I think the Niners still have another year to go before it all clicks.

    Still, they’ve had the Seahawks’s number for the past few years. It should be interesting.


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