“Team on the rise” my ass.

Seattle Seahawks – 23
San Francisco 49ers – 3

I love the way that so many football pundits said at the start of the season that the 49ers were going to challenge Seattle for the division title this year, for no other reason than Frank Gore managed to ride roughshod over the league last year. (This would be a good time to point out that all of the supposed studs of the backfield – Gore, Stephen Jackson, Larry Johnson, even Tomlinson – have been struggling mightily.)

I think this week’s win will go a long way towards putting that theory to rest. It’s almost like the ’05 season – one team got the better of the ‘Hawks the year before, and the following season we lay the lumber on them.

Next week: At Pittsburgh (3-1)
Hey, look, a Super Bowl rematch. Hopefully with less egregiously bad officiating than the last time we met. (Bitter? Me? No.)


One thought on ““Team on the rise” my ass.

  1. usasatsui

    Hey, they are “on the rise”. Just not to the top yet.

    I still think SF is about a year away from pulling it together. Maybe they’ll pull up a late-season run, but they’ll finish about 8-8. Next year, they’ll contend.


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