When we last left our hero…

– I am now officially “caught up” financially. (“Caught up” as in, “I no longer cower in fear when I check my account balance online”.) On top of that, I’ve only got three more payments to go before the car’s paid off, so I’m in good shape on that front as well.

– Work’s going great. As a matter of fact, I drove over to the office last week to take the test for Pai Gow Poker and passed with flying colors. (The test consists of having to write out all the house way rules for every possible combination of cards, then being given 60 different hands and marking off the two cards we would play in the front. A 90% score is required to move on to the speed test. In the speed test, they deal out a bank hand – which you have to set up yourself – then show you the remaining six player’s hands, which you have to read correctly and call as a win/lose/push in 32 seconds or less, five times in a row.) According to a co-worker, this would put me in the position to score a raise in about a month.

– As much as I’ve voiced a general distaste for baseball, last week marked my second time in the span of a season that I went to a major league baseball game. Ben, Jason and I attended the Dodgers-Rockies game last Tuesday, as part of a work outing. (I got the ticket for free, the others got $25 off their tickets). I probably wouldn’t have gone, except for the fact that we were seated in the All-You-Can-Eat Pavilion, where Dodger Dogs and other assorted snackage were on the house. Final Score: Rockies 9, Dodgers 7, Hot Dogs 3, Sodas 2, Chips 1, Peanuts 1. 🙂

– I think I’m going to officially announce my retirement from DDR now. Ever since the ITG2 machine was unceremoniously shanghai’d from the Galleria, my interest in arrow-smashing has been pretty low as a whole. It doesn’t help that the only DDR machine within a reasonable distance from home is just an Extreme that’s pretty much a ripoff ($1 for 3 songs, no memory slots). I’ve played all the songs into the ground, and I’m not likely to improve on them, so there really isn’t much point in it anymore. I’ll probably still play SuperNova at G’n’S when I go up to Ventura, though, just because there’s enough novelty in the new songs to make it worthwhile. But I think my days of keeping track of my scores (much less trying to be at the level I was back in ’04-’05) are behind me.

– This Saturday’s game night is so gonna rock, for three reasons: first, turnout is going to be much bigger than in the past (we’re expecting about three or four extra people this time around); second, I finally reprogrammed my BT host control for buzzers (which reminds me – gameshowman, could you kindly bring two of your USB buzzers with you on Saturday? Thanks.); and third, it’s the first time I’ve ever taken a day off from work in any of my jobs and used Paid Time Off. Being paid for not working – what a country.


7 thoughts on “When we last left our hero…

  1. originaldonald

    now banned from the All You Can Eat Pavilion…..

    Joey Chestnut. If you have to ask, read Rick reilly’s column in the back of Sports Illustrated.

    The Original Mets Fan
    I don’t want to talk about it 😡

  2. djtyrant

    Well it’s a bummer that you’re done with DDR at least competitively (tournament or keeping track of scores) but I understand your situation.

    Glad you enjoyed the baseball game though, I never got out to one this year :(.


  3. jiggery_pokery

    Really pleased to hear it when people are making steady progress!

    If I were at a casino, I would probably play Pai Gow Poker, just because the considerable number of pushes mean that the volatility is much lower than most games. All-You-Can-Eat Baseball sounds awesome, too. (Were there pretzels available?)


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