Pittsburgh Steelers – 21
Seattle Stinkbombs – 0

Hey, guys. Ever heard of a little thing called playing with emotion? Playing angry? Settling the score? Getting revenge on a team that took something you believe was rightfully yours?

Apparently not.

Make no mistake, this was Seattle’s chance to redeem themselves after the heartbreaking mess that was Super Bowl XL, and they… you know what? They didn’t blow it. “Blow it” implies they had it in their grasp, and then lost it. They never even made an attempt to get it in the first place.

Next week: vs. New Orleans (0-4)
And if they lose this one, it’s going to be hard for me to come up with a nickname worse than “Stinkbombs”.

On a happier note, I actually got 8 hours of sleep last night. Hooray.


2 thoughts on “Ugh.

  1. tleberle

    Who cut one?

    This is normally the time that I come in here and rebut your choice of team name, or some other thing that I find to be sub-par.

    And yet, I watched all sixty minutes of that game. “Stinkbombs” is appropriate only in that “Lifeless Bums” doesn’t have the consonance thing going. I think Seattle went in with the mindset that they weren’t going to win, didn’t have to win, and that one loss wasn’t going to ruin them. (Which it hasn’t; they’re in a logjam for first in the West.)

    So you extrapolate from that a third quarter where Seattle gets the ball for all of one possession lasting a minute-and-a-half. Not anything close to entertaining football, to be sure.

    I don’t think this was about redemption at all. There wasn’t anything to prove. Pittsburgh is an elite team right now, we’re not. The past is a memory, the future is a probability, and the chances were 99/100 that we were going to lose that game. Better to focus on winning our next two games at home. New Orleans is a must-win in that if we lose to a winless team in our own digs, well, back to lawn bowling for me.


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