Seattle Seahawks – 10
Carolina Panthers – 13

Well, there goes whatever chance we had of a first round bye.

Meanwhile, Baltimore and Miami are locked up in a death struggle. The Dolphins nearly blew a perfect season by taking a 16-13 lead into the 2-minute warning, but fortunately Baltimore tied it up with 8 seconds to go in order to force overtime. Don’t screw this up, Guppies!

EDIT: Miami wins in OT, 22-16. Way to ruin your chance at immortality, guys. Seriously. I’m more pissed off that the Dolphins won than I am about the Seahawks losing.


3 thoughts on “D’oh.

  1. usasatsui

    Am I really the only one in the group that picked Miami to win that game? It was clear Baltimore was imploding. It was Miami’s best shot for a win.

    Something interesting I saw in the Philly/Dallas game…at the end of the game, with a little over 2 minutes left, and Philly up by 4, a Philly running back broke through and had a clear path to the end zone. However, he stopped on the 1 and kneeled. Since Dallas had no time-outs left, Philly kneeled 3 times and won. Had he scored the touchdown, Dallas would get the ball back, and while they would need 2 scores, it was a chance. It was a smart play, and nice to see a player more interested in winning than in padding his stats.


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