Christmas. Yeah.

I didn’t get a whole lot for Christmas this year: $100 cash from my parents, a sweater from my Grandma (which I’ll have to return because it’s a bit small), a $25 Best Buy card, and the Nintendo Collector’s Edition of Monopoly.

But you know what? Christmas isn’t about what you get. It’s not even really about what you give. It’s about who you’re with. I was immensely fortunate this year that Christmas fell exactly on my off days at work, so I was able to drive down to Ventura right after work on Monday, and have the whole day to spend with them and my sister’s in-laws. I had my fair share of both turkey and ham, played some board games with the niece & nephews, and got the usual quota of observations about my above-average height.

The following day I put some of my Christmas cash to use and bought some much-needed clothes (bear in mind, I haven’t done any clothes shopping since I was canned by the Bike in January, save a pair of shoes), then spent the evening with djtyrant and fortheonesilove watching another MST3K movie, playing the aforementioned Monopoly game (at which I got my butt kicked for the second time in a month – I’m just not that good at Monopoly, I guess), busting out a few tunes on Rock Band, then screwing around on NBA 2K7 (computer assistance ftw) and Smash TV on XBox Live Arcade. I even managed to pass Pop 8 Oni for the first time in roughly four years on the MAX2 Mutant Solo cabinet they have at Golf & Stuff. I’ve got a picture that I’d share with you guys, but I can’t get it off my phone. Oh well – you believe me, don’t ya?

Considering how last year’s Christmas went – having to work, then having nobody to share the day with when I got home – this year’s Christmas was immensely better.


One thought on “Christmas. Yeah.

  1. tleberle

    The gifts are a representation of love and all that good stuff, they’re not just a laundry list of “stuff I want.”

    That said, you’re right, it’s all about being around those people you care about, and enjoying each other’s company for that day.

    I’m glad you were able to do so. 🙂


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