2008 Ghoul Pool Rosters

The rosters are now set up for the 2008 Ghoul Pool. Because A) everyone’s lists were unique enough to do it, and B) this’ll give us more opportunity to score points, I’ve expanded the lists to 15 candidates apiece, since that’s the number of picks everyone was able to make before someone’s list of 20 was exhausted. The draft order went as follows:

1. Ben Ziek

2. Destina Faroda (nangbaby)

3. Tim Connolly (loogaroo)

4. Justin Lollie (enfarcer)

5. Rob Seidelman (mmxfan)

6. Don Paluga (originaldonald)

7. Jarrett Jones

8. Chico Alexander (chairmanchico)

Picks were made in reverse order for all even-numbered rounds. (Hence, Chico got the last pick in the first round, but the first pick in the second). If someone already picked a person on your list, I skipped it and moved on to the next entry.

On that note, with the first pick in the 2008 Ghoul Pool Draft, Ben Ziek selected…

…Fidel Castro, 81 years old, former dictator of Cuba.

Here are all of the choices. Names in red are selections that have passed away this year; the number in parentheses indicates the number of points scored for the pick.

Ben Ziek

Destina Faroda (21 pts.)

Tim Connolly (8 pts.)

Justin Lollie (59 pts.)
Fidel Castro

Ariel Sharon

Zsa Zsa Gabor

David Lee Edwards
Walter Cronkite

Jesse Helms

Wilford Brimley

Jack Narz
Phyllis Diller

B.B. King

Patrick Swayze

Pat Summerall
Kenny Rogers

Billy Graham

Ted Kennedy

Art Linkletter
Monty Hall

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Nancy Reagan

Donnie Iris
Margaret Thatcher

Mills Lane

Shirley Temple-Black

Don Bluth
Lily Tomlin

Garrett Morris

Robert Byrd

Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Bobby Heenan

Betty Ford

Betty White

Garrick Utley
Debbie Reynolds

Roger Ebert

Andy Rooney

Gloria Stuart
Miley Cyrus

Berry Gordy

Larry King

Dave Brubeck
Wayne Newton

Harry Belafonte

Stephen Hawking

Howard Baker
Don Rickles

Della Reese

Carl Reiner

Chuck Bednarik
Gene Okerlund

Elizabeth Taylor

David Crosby

Tom Bosley
Tony Bennett

Kirk Douglas

Joe Paterno

Maya Angelou
Carlos “Konnan” Ashenoff

Andy Griffith

Frank Lautenberg

Neil Sedaka
Myron Cope (21)

Charlton Heston (8)

Gordon Hinckley (3)
Sydney Pollack (27)
Yves Saint-Laurent (29)

Rob Seidelman

Don Paluga

Jarrett Jones

Chico Alexander
Hugh Downs

Hugh Hefner

Barrack Obama

Bob Barker
Jimmy Carter

Doyle Brunson

Dave Chappelle

Dick Clark
Donald Rumsfeld

Britney Spears

Jose Canseco

James Earl Jones
Don Shula

Lindsey Lohan

Sandra Bullock

Richard Dysart
Bruno Sammartino

Paris Hilton

Hans Von Spakovsky

Estelle Getty
Gary Birdsong

Queen Elizabeth 2

John Kerry

Boutros Boutros-Ghali
Bill Watts

Kanye West

Barry Bonds

Rutger Hauer
Herbert Stempel

Fifty Cent

Peter Wong

Eddie Levert
Richard Petty

Paul Newman

Earvin Johnson

Barbara Walters
Wayne Huizenga

Clint Eastwood

Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud

Ed McMahon
Keith Richards

Angela Lansbury

Liam Neeson

Little Richard
Mel Gibson

Warren Buffett

Dan Inouye

Norman Schwarzkopf
Rush Limbaugh

Ted Turner

Colt Brennan

Dan Morgan
Larry Flynt

Barron Hilton

Steve Jobs

Takeshi Kaga
Huey Lewis

Art Modell

Richard H. Carmona

Aretha Franklin

Once again, to recap: every time someone on your list dies, you earn whatever their age was subtracted from 100 as points. (Thus, if Castro died tomorrow, Ben would score 19 points; if Lindsay Lohan bites it, Don racks up 79 points.) However, the score awarded is cut in half is the death is a suicide, drug-related, or on account of a pre-existing terminal illness.

364 days left in the year. May the most morbid person win.


12 thoughts on “2008 Ghoul Pool Rosters

  1. originaldonald

    Chairman KAGA~! is on the list? After all those meals made with the weirdest ingredients(shark fin? squid ink ice cream?), I doubt the head of the Gourmet Academy is going down anytime soon.

    The Original IRON CHEF AMERICAN!
    F’n BOBBY FLAY! 😉

  2. originaldonald

    BTW Tim

    I do believe Rob beat you to Jimmy Carter. I suggest a wrestler, as they tend to croak pretty frequently these days, sadly.

    The Original Don McMahon
    I suggest Jake The Snake 😛

  3. mmxfan

    Re: BTW Tim

    Don, I doubt highly that Jake Roberts will die anytime soon. The man’s been through so much and did so much that he’s practically the Keith Richards of wrestling. For further proof of this, get his DVD released by WWE. He took 100 Percosets at once…and lived.

  4. originaldonald

    Why wasn’t David Blaine in this list? One of these days, something’s going to go wrong with one of his stunts…

    Three words……………

    The Original GG/TXRDonald


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