An absolute disgrace of a game.

I have been a Seahawks fan my entire life, and I’ve never been so ashamed at this team as I am this weekend.

I’ve sat through the 2-14 abortion that was the 1992 season, the abomination that was Rick Mirer, the paleozoic Moon-Watters unit, Galloway’s holdout, Koren Robinson not being able to catch a ball if it had handles and was coated with velcro, We Want The Ball And We’re Going To Throw a Pick Six, various 17-point gag jobs, and Zebra Bowl.

And I’ve never been as ashamed of the Seahawks then as I am now.

Shame on me for ever thinking this team had heart. Back in 2005, when the team had its best season ever, I thought that years of coming close and falling short had vulcanized the team to the point that they were going to take every challenge head-on and prove every naysayer wrong in the process. Little did I know that they never got that chip on their shoulder that the other 31 teams would’ve developed after those circumstances. They were just good. And when the referees conspired to coronate Jerome Bettis, Bill Cowher, and the Almighty Steelers, any other team in the league would’ve spent the offseason biding their time like a serial killer, waiting for the opportunity to claim vengeance against such an injustice.

Silly me. I forgot these were the Seattle Tin Men. The team with no heart.

For the past two years, critics, burned bandwagoners from the ’04 season, and fans of rival teams have been quick to characterize the Seahawks as a team that only has success as a result of getting fat off a traditionally weak division, a team that can’t, won’t, and never will get it done when it matters.

And yesterday, the Seahawks took the field in Green Bay, and said, “You’re right. We don’t belong here.”

After a 14-point flurry that came as a result of two fumbles from a running back who hadn’t fumbled the entire season, the team decided that five minutes of effort was enough, and spent the rest of the game in neutral. That 14-point lead didn’t even last the entire quarter. Green Bay came right back, tied up the score, then scored again, and again, and again, and again. Meanwhile, the Seahawks were doing everything they can to make sure the Packers won that game, giving Ryan Grant wide open holes to run through, letting Brett Favre stay on his feet after wrapping him up, and generally being worthless on both sides of the ball. The final score might as well have been 56-6, because those fumble recoveries ended up doing nothing but making the score look a little more digestible.

Now we have to worry about a running back who’s a shell of what he once was, a coach who’s thinking about retirement (and if you honestly think Holmgren was that bad of a coach, have fun finding a better one out there), and a defensive corps that was thoroughly overwhelmed yesterday. That loud thudding sound you just heard is the sound of the Seahawks’ window slamming shut.

If I were a player on the team today, I’d be ashamed to show my face in public, and spend every day hand-writing letters of apology to every fan who supported them this season. This team humiliated its fans more than any 2-14 season ever could.


7 thoughts on “An absolute disgrace of a game.

  1. tleberle

    I’ve been watching the team for as long as I’ve been following sports. I was there for the 2-14, I hid my eyes when Rick Mirer was QB. I shuddered at Moon, Watters and Robinson. But I stuck by them, because they’re the team I root for. That’s part of what rooting for a team is about. You follow them through the good times, and the bad. Otherwise you’re no better than anyone who roots for the team that leads three-nil in the World Series.

    Spare me the things about how we were screwed out of the Super Bowl; we made as many critical mistakes as times we had calls going ‘the other way’.

    You carry on about a team having no heart, but you’re just as bad. Sure, the caterwauling gets you attention, but is that the kind of attention you want? For complaining whenever your team screws up, and downplaying our division titles and playoff victories? You go on about how we get no national respect, but that doesn’t matter two shakes. What other people think is absolutely meaningless, no matter how much you want to rub people’s noses in the fact that your team is the top of the heap.

    By the way: there are more than thirty teams in the league. All but one of them is going to end up not winning the Super Bowl. It’s not a surprise to find out that the team we root for isn’t that team.

    The million-dollar-question is whether you’re going to root for the team. From the way it looks, you’ve burned quite a few bridges here, and if you watch any Seahawk games, read a box score or a drive-by-drive recap, you’re no better than a fair-weather fan.

  2. hiphopnotik

    Good lord thank you.

    Loog, relax. Green Bay didnt get the 2nd seed in the NFC playing patty cake all season long. Add 1 Lambeau Field with 3 feet of snow and you get an environment that the Patriots would seriously have trouble winning in as well. The Pack was a better team consistently throughout the season. Its no surprise that Favre and company came out on top.

  3. loogaroo

    I love the fact that I can’t get angry at my team for pissing away a game without being called an attention whore.

    I also love how I spent the first part of my diatribe detailing the many times I stuck with this team when playoffs were a distant hope if not an absolute pipe dream, and then people accuse me of being a fair-weather fan when I voice my displeasure of the team getting humiliated in the playoffs.

    If they lost a close one to Green Bay yesterday, you don’t hear any of this. If the score was something like 28-24 or 17-7, I say nothing. Fact of the matter is, they looked like a freaking D-II school on Saturday. After that initial flurry, they were outscored 42-6. I’m supposed to smile, applaud lightly, and say, “Good try! Maybe next year you’ll get a little closer!”?

    Fuck no. This team needs to be slapped upside the head and wake up. Their opportunity to make something out of all that talent they’ve had for years is quickly running out. They’ve got maybe one more year before Holmgren calls it quits, Hasselbeck gets too old, the O-line get old, and we’re back to those years of 6-10 mediocrity. They have had as much talent as any team in the league, and they’re wasting it. This team should’ve gone to three Super Bowls considering how rickety the NFC has been the past few years.

  4. usasatsui

    You’re overreacting again, Tim. Yesterday’s game had far more to do with how good Green Bay is than how poor Seattle is.

    Seattle is still one of the most consistent teams in the game…even in a weak division, winning it every year is saying something. They weren’t the best team this year, no. But they keep giving themselves the chance, and eventually it is going to work for them.


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