Ghoul Pool ’08 Update: Another score

Well, it took another month, but we got another score. (Then again, absolutely nobody of American import, save for Roy Scheider, died this month until today, so the players aren’t to blame for the most recent drought. If someone’s list was composed entirely of former Australian footballers or Indian politicians, though, they’d be running away with this thing.)

Myron Cope, Pittsburgh Steeler commentator and inventor of the Terrible Towel, passed away at the age of 79. nangbaby had the man on her list, and scores 21 points to vault ahead. She currently leads enfarcer, the only other player currently on the board, by 18.

Since Destina has no backup choices left on her list (all 20 picks were exhausted during the draft), she now has to submit a new choice as soon as possible.

EDIT: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh is Destina’s new choice.

In other news, conservative luminary William F. Buckley also passed away today. However, he’s not on anyone’s list, so the 18 points he would’ve scored someone go by the boards.

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