Putting the Tube to good Youse

I haven’t uploaded any new videos onto Youtube in over year, when I taped some stuff from EA’s last day and put it on there. Not for lack of trying, mind you – I’ve attempted to film some things, but with my video camera having no capability to last longer than 17 seconds before giving a “BLARG CLEAN MY HEADS AGAIN” message, I can’t transfer anything.

Last night I was poking around, and discovered some game show clips that fellow game show geek hmtriplecrown has posted on the site, and realized that I have quite a few VHS tapes of various episodes, many of which I’ve already thrown onto an external hard drive. So I figured, what the hell – there’s bound to be some folks out there who’d enjoy them. Especially since Page O’Clips appears to have passed into the ether.

I’ve got about ten clips uploaded to my Youtube account, many of which were available on my site before I moved to the Webhosting Server of Hell they call Vizaweb. I’ll try to add more clips as I come across them in my collection, if people appear to be enjoying the ones I have.

Speaking of Youtube, my sister E-mailed me a video reminiscent of my days playing cello in the middle school orchestra. Strangely enough, I’d come across some of my old sheet music, and started wondering how feasible it would be to restore the cello body my Dad had come across eons ago in a garage sale. After watching this, though, I realized that that may not be such a good idea.


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