It’s like 2004 all over again!

The laundry machines in my building require quarters to operate.
There is no change machine in said laundry room.
There is, however, an arcade no more than 100 yards away from my apartment building.
There is a DDR Extreme in said arcade.
I think you can see the logical progression.

I’ve been playing DDR again on a regular if not frequent basis for the last four weeks or so. Granted, it’s a 5-year-old game, $1 for 3 songs, no memory slots, and I’m not 100% sure the pads aren’t a bit fussy, but seeing as gas is about $3.75 $3.81 a gallon at the cheapest non-Arco station I can find, whatever premium I’m paying for a machine in close proximity likely more than outweighs whatever I’d have to pay to drive to another location. (And yes, I do have to play at least a few games of DDR while I’m there. The sign above the change machine implores that change be used in the arcade, and so I have to at least pretend to patronize the place – even if they’re only getting a 60% return on the bills I put in.)

I tend to play four games per visit: two Single, two Double. I’m becoming somewhat adept at Doubles nowadays, capable of passing at least two 9-footers I can recall offhand (So Deep and Xenon), and a handful of AAs.

But tonight, it was all about singles. For on my last game of the night, I decided to bite the bullet and play Max300, resigned to the fact that my stamina had gone to pot, so I wasn’t likely to pass it, especially on Final Stage, especially since it seems as if they tweaked the difficulty level on the machine beyond 4. Well, I passed it.

Hold on. Did I say “pass”? Pardon me. I meant AA. 65 Greats, 2 Goods, carrying a combo all the way to the pause – something I don’t think I’ve ever managed before. According to DDRecall, the last time I AA’d the song was January of ’06 – more than two entire years ago.

Times like this I wonder if I was born four years too soon.

In other news, I have a new toy: A Yamaha YPT-210 digital keyboard. I’ve been watching a few YouTube videos out there the last couple of weeks showing people absolutely rocking out on a piano, and figured that I should try to get back into playing a bit. I’ve never been particularly good at playing, but hey – if I put as much effort into playing the keyboard as I do smashing arrows, I might shake off a bit of the rust on that as well. Now I just need to head back up to Ventura and grab some sheet music from home so I can start playing more than random stuff by ear.

On a partially related note, I’ve noticed that I’ve got a fair amount of stuff in my room that I don’t use anymore, for a variety of reasons. One item of which is the old MIDI keyboard I got as a Christmas present way back in… ’97 I wanna say. I’ve tried playing it on the computer, but there’s a latency issue with the MIDI synthesizer that I’ve never been able to resolve, and since it has no external audio connections, playing it through the computer is pretty much the only way it can be used. I don’t know how many people out there would be interested in it, but that’s just one item out of several I’m looking to unload. Among the other stuff is:

– An old Sega Genesis/Sega CD combo. Has about 7 Genesis games (including Sonic 1 & 2, Toejam & Earl, and the timeless classic Super Hydlide – snicker) and one CD game (which you have three guesses to identify, and the first two don’t count).
– The MiniDV camera that crapped out on me a couple months back. I’m sure it can be serviced; I just didn’t want to bother with it.
– A D-Link Wired Router. Never opened. I’ll remind you, it’s a WIRED router. Not a Wireless, like I thought it was when I bought it. Whoops.
– A box of Piatnik 7″ x 4 1/2″ playing cards. I got a matching set a while back, so this one’s kind extraneous.

I might end up throwing all this stuff onto eBay if nobody here wants it, but considering how my last eBay transaction resulted in me losing 2/3 of my NES collection in the mail and having to refund the buyer for it, that’s one ordeal I’d rather not go through again.

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