And hopefully I won’t botch the first question like last time

According to BuzzerBlog, GSN is bringing a quasi-revival of the old blackjack game show Gambit on their schedule, and they’re looking for contestants.

I sent the casting director an E-mail, mentioning how I work in a casino and basically oversee blackjack (and other games) for a living, and they said they’ll call me later today.

I’m gonna be all over this one like Roger Clemens on a 15-year-old country singer.


5 thoughts on “And hopefully I won’t botch the first question like last time

  1. itiparanoid

    Re: Catch-21

    No word on anything yet sadly. This came as a total shock. I wrote about this show initially as just a guess, but last night when I was sitting at work for far too long because the writers took forever, I stumbled upon information about the show explaining the rules briefly and stating a July 2008 debut date. I can basically confirm it’s essentially the Casino pilot, though.

    I’m pitching two or three shows to GSN in May, two quiz shows and one extremely addictive word game. The word game has the attention of 2waytraffic right now, so we’re really excited. Wish us luck later this month!

  2. dmota104

    Re: Catch-21

    Good luck, indeed, Alex. Been awhile since we’ve had a blackjack-based game show (unless you want to count WSoBJ, UBT, et al, the last, IRRC, was “Top Card” on what was then TNN).


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