I just got home from a day of fun and excitement at Universal Studios – and for free to boot. (Thanks in large part to Ben’s work having some sort of company outing.) We both heartily enjoyed the new Simpsons ride, as well as the Shrek 4-D, Jurassic Park, and Mummy attractions (which, according to Ben, has been much improved). I haven’t been to the theme park side of the studios in about 14 years – I think my last trip there came after some relatives visited from Ireland way back in the summer of ’94 – and it was great to go through it again. I wouldn’t recommend the tour, though – non-neophytes aside, I still remember most of the tour from my last trip, and there really wasn’t anything that I hadn’t already seen. (Really, how many times can you see Jaws and not know what’s going to happen?)

That wasn’t the end of the awesomeness, though. After grabbing something to eat and bowling a couple of games at Jillian’s at CityWalk (A 133 and a 102 – not bad for a two-year layoff), we head home. No sooner do I pull on the freeway that my phone rings.

It’s Beverly Pomerantz, casting director for Catch 21.



I’m not even concerned about the $25,000 top prize – I’m just hoping that I redeem myself after outsmarting myself on 1 vs. 100 and going out a llama on that show.

The hard part is figuring out how to get the day off (they said to set aside the whole day, from 8:30 AM to 6 PM), but I’ll cross that bridge tomorrow. Right now I’m going to jump around and squeal for a few minutes.


9 thoughts on “Awesomeness.

  1. hid_edgar

    Dude thats awesome. Hope you score big man. It be amazing to know someone whose on a game show. Let us know when it will be airing so that we may enjoy your performance šŸ™‚


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