Well, today’s the Catch 21 taping. I’m due to be at the KCET studios on Sunset in a little less than an hour and a half.

Just to add to the degree of difficulty, I’m basically doing this on no sleep. None. Not for lack of trying, though – I tried to get to bed at around 2:00 (which, if you can believe it, is earlier than I typically turn in), only to have no success at all falling asleep. I got back up and fiddled around online for a while, then returned to bed at about 4:00 in a last-ditch attempt to catch some ZZZs. No dice. (I am not, however, going that long without sleep – I took a nap at about 5:30 PM after a particularly rousing day at Television City to see a taping of Drew’s TPIR. Another story for another time, that one.)

Wish me luck. Although like I’ve said before, I’m just aiming to get one question right. Beyond that, if I win, fantastic; if not, I do enjoy Rice-a-Roni.


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