26.2 miles of giant green pipes

Three guys are playing a variety of Mario games from NES to Wii, and broadcasting their exploits on the internet. Since I won’t be able to watch most of this because I’ll be at work, I’ll share the link with the rest of you guys:


They’re also raising money for Child’s Play, the charity created by Penny Arcade that provides video games and other entertainment to children’s hospitals. If you have a few extra bucks, why not toss them over that way.


2 thoughts on “26.2 miles of giant green pipes

  1. djtyrant

    Thanks for linking this, totally forgot about it.

    Now I have something to watch before Blizzard’s Announcement at 2:45 -.-

    They’re really stuck on Mario 64, it’s really sad/funny. Think they’re at almost 7 hours on it.



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