Ghoul Pool ’08 Update: Supplemental Draft

Six months into the year, and currently only three people out of the nine participating in this year’s Ghoul Pool have gotten on the board. While we have a total of 135 names that we’re looking out for, the fact of the matter is that not very many people of major import have been dying this year. (Take that as you may.)

As mentioned earlier on in the rules, we’re going to be having a supplemental draft this coming Tuesday to add to everyone’s lists. This will hopefully stretch the net enough that a few more people may score. (Or it just may end up giving enfarcer another bunch of names to score with.)

Here’s how the supplemental draft works:

1. On Tuesday, July 1st at 12:01 AM PDT, all personalities originally drafted by the players which did not make it on their official lists will be purged. If, between the above time and the submission of the player’s supplemental list, someone from those extraneous picks does indeed pass away, it will not count towards the player’s score.

2. From that point forward, each player will have 48 hours to E-mail me a list of 10 additional personalities, following the same rules as before (no fictional/non-human characters, no relatives, nobody on death row, not George W. Bush, etc.). It is the responsibility of the player to get this list in – if the 48 hours pass and the player does not submit a list, he will not be able to participate in the draft.

3. As before, players will be assigned a draft order, so that no two players have the same personality on their list. The draft order will be in ascending order of player scores; i.e., the player with the lowest score will draft first. Ties will be broken based on the order of selection from the original draft; the player who selected first in that draft will go last in this one. As before, draft order will reverse itself every other round, so that the player with the last pick in the first round gets first pick the following round and vice versa.

4. If a player’s list includes a personality that was already chosen, that pick will be thrown out and the next pick on the list will be taken.

5. The draft will continue until one player has exhausted all 10 of their picks. Any remaining picks will serve as automatic substitutes should someone on that player’s list die.

Good luck, GPers!


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