An update… and a question

In case anyone out there still has any interest in my old rusty video game reviews, you’ll be happy to know that I’ve given them a shot of WD-40. Not only have I rewritten most of my NES Capsule Reviews, but I’ve also revamped my scoring system, putting more emphasis on my own personal experiences with the game than on the standard Graphics/Sound/Play Control elements. The scores on all the NES reviews have been updated to reflect the new scoring rubric.

As a side note, does anyone know any way for me to mirror this LJ on my website front page, just so I can save time writing one update notice instead of two?


3 thoughts on “An update… and a question

  1. loogaroo

    Re: Mirroring your LJ to your site

    My website used to be pretty frame-heavy; I prefer using SSIs now, as they accomplish the same task without the whole “stuck in a frame” problems that come with it.

    Really, the LJ appears to be an RSS feed of some sort; that’s the sort of thing I was hoping to incorporate.

  2. santiago22

    Re: Mirroring your LJ to your site

    I know there’s a way to parse an external RSS feed via PHP and turn it into (X)HTML, but I imagine that’s pretty complicated and I don’t have time for that crap.

    Besides, it’s only one frame. Unless you REALLY don’t like frames. I’m not crazy about them but it is the easiest way to do what you’re describing.


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