Project Cheer-Up

I don’t know how many of you on my friends list know Ben, my roommate, but he’s a nice guy that I’ve had very little argument with in the nearly three years that I’ve lived with him. Sure, he’s got flaws, but we all have flaws, and they aren’t the sort of thing that would be considered dealbreakers as far as a friendship is concerned.

That said, Ben’s been going through one of his down phases lately. He’s been rather upset all day – not at anything specific, but more one of those “I can’t seem to get anywhere with my life” sort of moods. He’s had college loan issues the entire time since I’ve moved out here, he didn’t get any income tax refund (not even a stimulus check), and he was hounded for a while by someone who claimed to be a Bank of America lawyer threatening to sue over a defaulted credit card. (He now suspects that he was scammed, as he hasn’t received anything from B of A in the mail regarding the matter, but that’s about $900 after the fact.) He actually contemplated abandoning his improv classes and performances today, just for the sake of the extra time, money, and energy, but he also says that improv may be “the one thing that’s keeping me sane”, so I definitely wouldn’t want to see him give it up.

I think he needs to hear from his friends how much they care for him, and what a great guy he is.

So if you’ve got a spare moment today or tomorrow, give him a call. I’m sure he’d appreciate it. His phone number, in case you don’t have it, is (818) 512-2245. Hopefully we can pull him out of his funk long enough to get the old happy-go-lucky Ben back.

(And please don’t tell him that I mentioned his financial situation to you guys. If he brings it up, then that’s great, but it’s probably not a good idea to say that I’ve been airing out his money woes to others.)


2 thoughts on “Project Cheer-Up

  1. enfarcer

    This is Ben Z., right?

    I’d call, but I don’t have long distance on my landline or minutes on my cell phone right now. Please pass along my best wishes and reassurances… believe me, I am a Ph. D in regret and lousy luck, so I can definitely empathize with whatever he’s going through. I just wish I could have passed along some good advice re: the collection efforts of those BofA swine… it’s one of the few areas where I have some knowledge, and I could have clued him in to just what those weasels can and cannot do legally.


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