Just got an e-mail from the aforementioned SoCal transplant, Travis Schario, and it’s not good news. Apparently, he’s been totally unable to find work out here, and with his seed money having evaporated, he’s forced to move back to Ohio.

Rats. Why do we game show geeks have such trouble getting work in the business?


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  1. 2ndavemusic

    I think it has something to do with the business being so tough. But I’m pretty sure, too, that you were being rhetorical.

    Stinks for the friend in question, that’s for sure.

  2. nosaer

    Is your question serious? If not, don’t read below.

    The reason is that you have a very poor selection bridge for exit options. You are using a very small portion of your demonstrated skills when you apply for a game show. The business isn’t hard, it’s very easy – selectivity is way less than in politics, law, banking, capital, finance or even academia and medicine. It’s easier than acting, which is still easier than the above. The difference is that you aren’t making a strong case for yourself. If a game show selects 1 / 100 entreants (a high number), you aren’t giving them evidence that you are in that 99th percentile. When I apply for an internship which accepts 1 / 10,000 applicants, I give the internship adviser strong evidence that I was (a) in a program with an acceptance rate of around 1 / 5000, (b) in the top quarter of that program. I make their decision easy because I leverage my demonstrated skill into my position. You don’t, that’s why it doesn’t work.


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