One last reminder

My Catch 21 Episode is scheduled to air tomorrow (Friday) at 7:30 PM ET/PT.

See if you can catch the two moments that I wish I could have back. πŸ™‚

EDIT: One such moment was edited out – I stumbled when I gave my occupation (almost calling myself a professional poker player, at the behest of the assistant producer). The other was me doing that “Me smart!” point to the temple after the Sandra Day O’Connor question that thankfully didn’t look nearly as dorky as it felt when I did it.


9 thoughts on “One last reminder

  1. vtown

    Congratulations on your win Tim!

    I happened to notice that midway through front game round two that you were guaranteed to go through as you had more points than Stephen whom you had busted. Was that part of a strategy that you were aiming to employ?

    And well done in round three. I haven’t seen alot of shows, but I think you’re the only one that has actually been in a decent position to freeze (18-10) but played for another card. Well played.

    Tough luck in the bonus though! Still, no complaining about $2,000 right?

    Ryan πŸ™‚


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