This is going to be another one of those “holy crap, I need to catch you guys up with everything I’ve been doing the last two weeks” posts, so bear with me.

– I’ve been playing the snot out of Brawl. That’s really why you haven’t heard much from me recently; a large portion of time has been spent playing the game and its various facets, particularly getting through all the unlocks. I’ve got about 25 of those left, many of them of the “Do X with every character” or “Do Y on Intense” variety. I used a hammer on the “100-Man Brawl with everyone” and “All-Star on Intense” boxes; I’m just trying to figure out what to use the other three hammers on. It should be emphasized that by no means am I particularly good at the game, but at least the next time I go to Jimmy or Shayne’s place and play, I’ll have some semblance of knowledge on how to control the characters.

– For those of you who either don’t have GSN or missed the original airing of my appearance on Catch 21, I’ve taken the liberty of uploading the episode (in four parts, with annotations) on Youtube. You can find part 1 of the episode here, and follow the “Related Video” links on the side for the other parts.

– Last week I finally did something I’ve been meaning to do for about a year: join a health club. There’s a YMCA exactly two blocks away from my apartment, and with the whole thing about Michael Phelps winning more gold than Zales, I figured I’d partake in their pool. On the plus side, it’s liable to be cheaper than DDR in the long run (provided I continue to do it on a regular basis), and there’s something oddly gratifying about walking home and feeling as if your entire body is about to become a puddle of goo because you’re so worn out. On the minus side, let’s just say that my naïve personality had a hard time being in a locker room with strange men in various stages of undress – and quite of few of them being flat-out nekkid. I try to avert my eyes as much as I can, but these guys bear some responsibility for showing a modicum of humility and not traipsing around like it’s a Turkish bath.

(At least it finally puts to rest the question whether or not I have an affinity for Y chromosomes.)

– Had two monumentally crazy nights earlier in the week at work. On one night, I was on a blackjack table where the bank was absolutely scorching for 2 1/2 hours, only to lose all the profit off that table in the half-hour before I got pushed (much of it to an incredibly shrill Korean woman who would produce an ear-piercing shriek every time the bank busted). The very next night, my first table was a Pai Gow table where the bank was getting absolute feces for three hours straight. (Not just my banks, either – everyone on the table was banking – inexplicably – and nobody could shake a hand.) And in the last 45 minutes before lunch, my bank woke up and made back almost everything it had lost prior. I’ll go further into detail on my next post if there’s sufficient interest.

– If anyone still wants the Big Red Button, the headphones, or the MIDI keyboard I was trying to sell a month ago, let me know. I tried to put them on eBay, and they all went completely ignored after two weeks.

– And finally, congrats to fortheonesilove on his recent move to Canoga Park. We now have to find some way to incorporate him into our ritual goat sacrifices game nights.


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  1. fortheonesilove

    I have furniture so if you want to come over and play Brawl or Guitar Hero I’m down 🙂 I don’t have the gas to travel anywhere until the 12th, though. After that though… I’ll have the goats at the ready.


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