An inauspicious beginning

Buffalo Bills: 34
Seattle Stinkbombs: 10

A fake field goal? Seriously, a fake field goal? You fall for a fake goal? Dude is so wide open he could’ve gotten on his knees and crawled into the end zone? And you give up a 63-yard punt return for a touchdown on top of it?

Apparently our new Special Teams coach is taking the term a bit too literally.

Next week: vs. San Francisco (0-1)
Thank God our division sucks. Because I have a feeling that we’re going to need as many easy wins as we can get this year.


One thought on “An inauspicious beginning

  1. djtyrant

    My best friend/roommate is a die-hard Seahawks fan and I got to hear him moan about the game most of the day, then again my team (Tampa Bay) had the game and let it go.



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