Drop the ‘Stop

(OK, that was an incredibly stupid subject title. Humor me.)

After watching a series of videos faved by djtyrant – a former EB Games employee himself – I think it’s safe to say that my days of purchasing video games at GameStop and EB Games are over. Perhaps it’s a longer time coming than it should be, but after watching the videos, there’s no way I’m ever going back to them.

Here’s part 1. As usual, you can find the subsequent parts on the sidebars. (Warning: Not exactly work safe.)

EDIT: I appears that part 1 of this video is “no longer available”. Part 2 of the video (and all the rest) can be found here.

EDIT THE SECOND: The author of the videos responded to part 1’s disappearance by uploading the whole video here.

Speaking of video games, special thanks to fortheonesilove for donating his old Gamecube games last night, consisting of Zelda: Wind Waker, Wario Ware, and everyone’s favorite first-person shooter, Resident Evil. (There’s a joke that doesn’t get old.)


One thought on “Drop the ‘Stop

  1. djtyrant

    I pretty much have moved over to a Gamefly/Amazon diet for getting my games. Watching those videos was sickeningly close to reality of what did happen at Gamestop/EBGames. Only thing I really do there is pre-order games, but I may cut that out with Amazon being a bit more on the ball now with pre-orders.



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