Reviews. Yeah, remember those?

After putting more work into it than it probably deserves, I’ve now managed to finish rewriting all the mini-reviews within the video game half of my website. You know, the one that nobody visits anymore? That’s the one. I even finally got around to adding the nine or so PS2 games I bought since my last review, meaning that I’m now officially only three years behind the rest of the world when it comes to game criticism. Whoopee.

The next phase of the renovation will be to go into each of the full-length reviews I’ve written and update any information or opinions that need it. Currently, there’s a pretty good chance you can click on one of the review links, read a review that lavishes praise on a game, and then discover that the actual score is a very average 4.2 or something of the sort. That needs to be fixed, obviously.

The question is where I’m going to go with all this. Certainly, with the presence of the Wii’s Virtual Console, older games still have enough visibility that there is probably some demand for fresh reviews of them. I’ve considered moving on to video reviews, but with characters like AVGN and Yahtzee having a fairly strong oligopoly on Youtube gaming content, I’m not entirely sure I can provide anything they don’t yet already.


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