The silver lining from Sunday

At least I’m absolutely annihilating the guy I’m up against in the fantasy football league I’m in at work.

In order for my opponent to win, McNabb is going to have to throw for 5 touchdowns on Monday night… and LJ Smith is going to have to catch them all. (Didn’t help that he forgot to bench a player from Baltimore when his game got postponed.)

Boy, am I glad I started Darren Sproles today. Between him and Anquan Boldin lighting it up against Arizona, there’s no way I could lose this thing.

EDIT: Final score: 165.58 for me, 104.94 for my opponent. For the second week in a row, I have the league’s top score of the week.

Dare I say it… I may actually be pretty good at this.


3 thoughts on “The silver lining from Sunday

  1. loogaroo

    Hasselbeck is my backup QB.

    And Burleson was one of my receivers, before he fell victim to the same catastrophic injury bug that everyone on the team short of the cheerleaders seems to be suffering from.


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