Hey, look! A video review!

Here’s the first review I’ve done for a new video game in over three years, for the multi-platform Mega Man 9 (played on the Wii).

Let me know if I should continue doing these, or if this was just a collossal waste of time.


13 thoughts on “Hey, look! A video review!

  1. smashattack

    Actually, I’m glad you had that video–up until now, I had not seen any screenshots and had no idea that it was in the original NES style. Maybe I’ll actually try it now!

  2. hsailormoon

    Honestly… I am really impressed. When I look for video game reviews… this is exactly what I look for. The video was well organized and so clear and easy to understand you. Plus! You kept my attention during the whole time with great video examples and dialogue.

    Seriously, this is not a waste of time. But really really well done. πŸ˜€ Review DS games!! I’ll watch them lol ;p

  3. tleberle

    Let’s see:

    Technical savvy/acumen: You synced up the video to the voice part fine, and were able to demonstrate lots of different parts of the game. Out of 1 point, I’ll give you 0.895.

    Character: I was hoping for a bit more of your own “flavor,” either going completely to the Ben Steinian no humor at all straight review, or the Angry Video Game Nerd, lots of humor but still showing us the game. I’ll give you 0.345

    Presentation: This was where I thought it was most weak: you had the purple background with the “Loogslair” logo in the foreground, which is fine. Then you added the green text. Bad! Bad! No biscuit. For that, I’m giving you 0.055 points, instead of giving you points.

    Rating system: I really don’t get the whole thing where you go to the trouble of weighting the technical side of the game for 40 points, and then having another half of the points just going to “Hey, I liked it!” and then you granulate it to the point of “31”. Not 30, not 32. But 31. So for that I’ll give you 0.280 in this category.

    And now, the most important part, the Travis’s Points Portion, where I award up to 96 points to the video in any way that I see fit. Now, I know that you’re a good guy, and I like your taste in video games, so I’ll give you 89.750 points.

    And this gives you a total of 91.82 out of a possible 100. Well done. If you like it, keep it up. If you don’t don’t. πŸ™‚

  4. loogaroo

    The personal score is really a way for me to get the final rating to where I want it. In MM9’s case, I wanted to make sure that the score fell between MM3 & MM5, as I felt MM9 was better than 5 but not as good as 3. So, I had to make sure the score was between 6.0 and 6.5; 31 points in the personal score was enough to do that.

    And it’s not as if I was blowing smoke – MM9 earned those 31 points. I’m not going to give a personal score and not think it’s worth that many points.

    Another way to think of it is: on a pure gameplay basis, the game was just as good as all the tangible merits.

    As far as lack of personal flavor, this was my first attempt at the video medium. My early written reviews were also pretty white-bread. Give it time.

  5. hustler_one

    Yeah I trekked back and found this and bravo btw i already have it for the 360 tho and when i heard about i was gonna be all over it but yeah man keep it up and if possible just to possibly make things seem a bit more accurate maybe try scoring it out of 100? How about adding a max of 10 more personal points and 10 more for re-playability?

  6. loogaroo

    I just spent about three months reconfiguring my scoring system and updating all the old scores to reflect the new system. That’s something I’d prefer not doing again for a long while.


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