Video Review Survey: What next?

I’m pretty sure that everyone who’s interested in my video game reviews has seen the video review I made for Mega Man 9. (If you haven’t, you can find it here.) Feedback has been generally positive – save for a few people who’ve squawked about the scoring system – and so I’m planning on doing a second one. Question is, for what game?

Here are the current options:
– Samba de Amigo (currently rented from GameFly)
– The Price is Right (ditto)
– Boom Blox
– Kirby’s Adventure (the one Virtual Console game that I’d had no prior experience with)
– Or, we could go old school and take another look at a previous text review.

Most likely, the review will be a little shorter, seeing as none of these games have as much to talk about as MM9. Still, this will give me an opportunity to inject a little more personal flavor into the proceedings, seeing as the MM9 video was inexplicably capped at 8 minutes. (Nothing important got cut out, but still – I thought the limit was 10.)

If there’s a game up there you’re particularly interested in hearing my take on, let me know.

In other news, considering that I swam 14 laps at the Y this afternoon, then followed it up with an ITG session at James Games that included a custom song that went FIFTEEN FREAKING MINUTES, it’s a wonder I’m still alive.


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