Video Review #2: Samba de Amigo

My second video review is now up. Enjoy!

Now if I could just figure out 1) how to stop the colors from the TV feed from flickering so much and 2) how to prevent the last three seconds of each video from getting cut off, we’ll be golden.


3 thoughts on “Video Review #2: Samba de Amigo

  1. nangbaby

    You mention that for people who have the basics of rhythm and timing, that this game provides a moderate challenge, although more of the challenge is due to the poor control than the actual premise.

    As someone who is flat out terrible at DDR, would I find this game hard to pick up gameplay wise?

  2. loogaroo

    Not really.

    DDR is tough at the outset because it involves moving your feet in ways that it isn’t used to moving. There’s a reason why “foot-eye” coordination doesn’t get a lot of attention. Samba, however, is easy to pick up, since the premise is more intuitive. As I mentioned in the review, you’ll probably have more issues with the play control than figuring out what to shake where.


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