I may be a libertarian, but I still make it a point to have my picture taken with a Kennedy.

Taken at the Salvation Army food drive held at the Americana by KFI radio. Kennedy hosts the 7PM-10PM show along with co-host Brian Suits. Of course, when I met her I mentioned that I was a game show nut and was a fan of Friend or Foe… even though “fan” may have been a bit strong of a word. (It was better than Wintuition, at least.)

And yes, I did donate some food to the Salvation Army while I was there; quite a bit, as a matter of fact.

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  1. tleberle

    So THAT’S where Bryan Suits ended up. He worked the 3p-6p shift here at 570 KVI-AM, and one Monday morning he disappeared without a word, replaced by a double act.

    (My guess was close; I thought your picture was with Tom Kennedy before clicking on the link.)


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