Nintendo hits a sour note

Video review #5:

Expect a retro review next. (Yeah, I said that after the TPIR review; this time I’m serious.)


6 thoughts on “Nintendo hits a sour note

  1. nangbaby

    You mention in this review that Wii Music is obsolete because of other games where you make your own music. What about people like me who have never played Guitar Hero or Rock Band, and are intimidated by such games for a variety of reasons? Would you consider Wii Music a more accessible title for novices and those who don’t have the dexterity and alacrity necessary to become proficient at the third party games?

  2. tleberle

    Oh the alacrity!

    Look, Tim already said that this game is redundant because other games do the particular events better. Why would you want to play the poorer game? If you’re intimidated by “arrow smashing” games, then Guitar Hero or Rock Band just aren’t going to be your speed. But I think it’s clear that you should still play those instead of Wii Music.


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