No. Just no.

We’re just hours away from Barack Obama’s inauguration, an event that people are regarding with the type of reverence that would lead you to believe that this man is the second coming of the Messiah. I thumbed through Time Magazine’s issue deeming him Person of the Year, and gazed at the level of idol worship that many of Obama’s followers have exhibited the last year and a half. I’ll admit, it’s been difficult for me not to get swept up in the fervor. After all, the man is intrinsically charismatic, and if he gives such a large portion of the country a feeling of optimism, and he doesn’t carry the obvious stench of corruption and hypocrisy that most of his fellow Democrats have, then I’m at least willing to give him a shot.

Then I see things like this, and am absolutely nauseated.

If you’re not interested in seeing the video (or if it ends up getting taken down again), let me sum it up for you: This is basically Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s attempt to give Barack Obama the kind of propagandization that would turn Leni Riefenstahl green with envy. It consists of a litany of Hollywood iconoclasts – Eva Mendes, Cameron Diaz,, Jenna Elfman, Tatyana Ali, George Lopez, and so on – all “pledging” to make the country a better place, all in the name of The Exalted Barack Obama.

This is exactly the sort of thing that made me not vote for this man.

There are two things that stick in my craw the most about this video:

First, the fact that all of these performers had to wait until Dubya had one foot out the door and the other on a banana peel before making any sort of high-profile “pledge” to volunteer to local food banks, visit sick children, turn off the lights in their house, end slavery(??), etc. I’m not saying that you have to like our soon-to-be former president at all. But he wasn’t Lex Luthor, he wasn’t Darth Vader, he wasn’t Sauron, or any other villain who willingly did evil for evil’s sake. He may have been wrong about things, he may have done things you disagree with, and his attitude may have put you off, but he had the country’s interests in mind. The man had to contend with a terrorist attack the likes of which had never been seen on American soil, natural disasters of record proportions, volatile issues like stem cell research and illegal immigration – and he had to do it all with half the country wanting him burned in effigy. He didn’t do a perfect job, but he did his best. To spend eight years publicly bashing our highest elected official, calling for his impeachment, imprisonment, or execution, and then to line up in single file to fellate his successor as you want to make sure that he gets the credit for your sudden outpouring of altruism, is downright sickening.

Second, these people aren’t making these “pledges” for the country. No, they make it quite obvious that this is all for Obama. Moore and Kutcher cap off the video by promising to be “a servant to our president”. Not the United States. Not the American people. Not the Constitution or the Red, White, and Blue. They are pledging themselves to Barack. Everyone has become so infatuated with the former senator from Illinois that they’ve forgotten one important thing: He serves us, not the other way around. More than half the country voted him into office, and your responsibility to him ends there. The only thing you should be “pledging” is to throw his ass out of office in four years if he doesn’t give you the unicorns and rainbows he’s spent his entire campaign promising. The goal of the video is clear, though: to make Obama into an idol, raise him above reproach, and equate him with the country itself. Who knows if they’ll succeed, but the fact that they’re even trying ought to sound an alarm in your mind.

Barack Obama is our president, to be sure, but he is not Emperor. He does not have absolute power. He is not immune to criticism. He is not infallible. He is not the messiah. He is not bigger than the edicts upon which this country was founded. He is not above the Constitution. And the first moment our executive leader achieves superiority over the laws of our country will be the last moment of our freedom.


9 thoughts on “No. Just no.

  1. pacdude

    He is not bigger than the edicts upon which this country was founded. He is not above the Constitution.

    Tell that to the last guy who took the oath.

  2. pacdude

    I would respectfully defer to Mr. Bill O’Reilly and his legion of followers as well as Barack Obama’s call to national service:

    “For as much as government can do and must do, it is ultimately the faith and determination of the American people upon which this nation relies.” If we’re really following him, then hrmmmmmmm I think this means that we’ll be helping America. Go figure.

  3. loogaroo

    Then say you’re helping America, not serving Obama. One means that you’re doing it for the benefit of the nation, the other means that you’re doing it for the benefit of one man. Big difference.

    Just imagine a video in 2000 featuring Kelsey Grammar, Tom Selleck and Martina McBride pledging themselves to Bush. You’d be just as worried.

  4. pacdude

    I didn’t prove anything. If I was around when James K. Polk was president, I’d say the same thing. Or Ronnie Reagan. Or Abe Lincoln.

    It’s not the president himself. It’s what he stands for. It’s just that Obama embodies what he stands for so well, and that’s a sense of American pride and change.

    George W. Bush, and more than 212,000,000 people agree with me, is a fuckwit. He’s damaged this country more than anyone can dream of. Obama brings promises of change. Will he bring it? No one knows. 80% of America thinks that he will.

  5. loogaroo

    That’s precisely my point: Where was everyone when Bush was inaugurated? As much of a “fuckwit” as you think he is, he never stopped you from being charitable. If it’s for the benefit of the country, it wouldn’t matter who’s in the Oval Office, now would it?

    But no, he’s a Republican, and we can’t be doing anything that makes a Republican look good. Let’s wait until he’s out of office and someone from our team gets sworn in – then we’ll swear allegiance to him.

  6. smashattack

    Well put. And I have a pledge I’d like to share with everybody…

    I PLEDGE to remain loyal opposition in the face of the masses of sweltering hot bodies lining up to squeeze every last ounce of pleasure out of Barack Obama’s loins.


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