Can’t get too excited about the Steelers winning, given the history my chosen team has with them. That said, better they won it than Arizona; at least this provides some hope that the curse of the Super Bowl’s loser missing the playoffs bites Arizona hard.

In appreciation of the Steelers taking the Cards out, and in response to the multitude of personal foul calls garnered by Ike Taylor and James Harrison – not to mention that holding call that led to the safety – I officially rescind my contention that XL was fixed. Really, really unevenly officiated, yes, but not fixed. The circumstances surrounding Sunday’s game nearly mirrored the one played three years ago – historically mediocre NFC West team catches fire and plays against one of the most storied franchises in the league – and there were plenty of yellow hankies to go around.

Not to say all is forgiven – Steeler fans are now celebrating their sixth championship while Seahawk fans are still wondering when we’ll ever get another chance at our first – but I’ll probably stop bringing it up every season now.

(Don’t hold me to that.)


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