A favor to ask

Does anyone out there have:

1) Mario Paint Composer;

2) A program that can record off the computer like HyperCam or CamStudio; and

3) A willingness to record MPC compositions that I’ve made and send them back to me?


4 thoughts on “A favor to ask

  1. loogaroo

    I have them already.

    The problem is that my laptop for some dopey reason won’t record audio directly from the computer. All it can do is record off the microphone, meaning the sound quality isn’t nearly as good.

    (And yes, I tried patching the speakers into the mic jack. Came out scratchy as hell.)

  2. pacdude

    Hrm… that might be something with your sound drivers. I don’t know if PCs have anything like Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack for Mac, but if you have something like that, then running the two concurrently will get you what you need. Maybe there’s even an open-source solution.


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