Given the Seahawks’ salary cap situation, I figured that this offseason was going to be slow and uneventful in the free agent category.

Well, never mind that.

The good news now is that we don’t have to draft Michael Crabtree now. (Or if we do draft Crabtree, we’ll instantly have a 2-receiver combo that could challenge Fitzgerald and Boldin for the most feared in the league.)


One thought on “Hoosh!

  1. nangbaby

    Houshmandzadeh is a better receiver than his former team to be sure, but I wouldn’t expect miracles from him.

    He’s 31 years old, and may have a couple of years in him, but I don’t see this helping the Seahawks much. You all need more help than at wide-receiver.

    On the other hand, maybe this means the Bengals will go 0-16 next season.


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