All fingers present and accounted for

The second game show prop I’ve ever made:

My own Luck of the Draw board.

(In case you’re wondering what the hinges are for, that’s to indicate which cards are currently in play and which have already been “locked in”.)

Looks a little plain, but I can always decorate it with other stuff later on.

I wonder what we’ll be doing next game night…


5 thoughts on “All fingers present and accounted for

  1. baloneyman

    Nice prop, Loogaroo.

    I would be glad to see Luck of the Draw in person. I know a game show fan in Brooklyn named Art Kurtz, and he does game show tapings on a cable access show in Brooklyn, so maybe I can introduce you to him.

  2. dmota104


    Neat set up.

    (BTW, if you ever release an updated version of the LotD computer game, consider yourself allowed to use the card images I use on The Big Risk.)

  3. loogaroo

    Re: LotD

    Link, please?

    Oh, and if there’s some sort of Joker icon available, that’d be great too, as I’d probably modify the toss-ups a bit too.


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