Loogslair dot dead?

A few people have asked regarding the status of the website and domain name. Well, here’s an update. The Angry Gohan icon beside this post should give you an idea of where things are right now.

After a month of searching for the proper outlet to submit my grievances, I finally managed to get a hold of the billing service for the reseller of the domain name. This after reporting VizaWeb to the Better Business Bureau (and then discovering that they had about three dozen other complaints that had gone unreplied), notifying their parent registry service, and finally reporting them to ICANN.

As it stands, the loogslair.net domain is currently in what they call a “redemption period”, meaning that it’s expired and the month-long grace period for me to get it back normally is over (thanks to the circles I’ve been running in), so in order to get the domain back, I would have to pay them a “redemption fee” of $160. Naturally, there is no way for them to waive this fee – even though I already paid a renewal fee to Yahoo which apparently means nothing because it doesn’t go through their system.

I’m pretty much exasperated with the whole ordeal at this point.

I’m going to continue banging on the billing service and see what I can wrangle out of them in terms of a resolution. Meanwhile, it looks as if I’m going to have to use a third domain name now.

On the bright side, this very well may prompt me to give the site some much-needed sprucing up…

2 thoughts on “Loogslair dot dead?

  1. nangbaby

    Whoever told you that this domain name is in the redemption period is lying through his or her teeth, unless the WHOIS tool I’m using is giving bad results.

    They may have renewed it to prevent it from going into redemption, but it doesn’t look like it’s in redemption to me. If a domain name is in redemption, it will not resolve at all.

    Someone’s feeding you a less than complete story at best.


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