Liking the new/old look

Well, after a whole lot of wrangling with the CSS (you’d be surprised how much you’re able to control, and how much you’re unable to control), we’re finally settling in on a look for the new blog – one that seems to mimic the old motif pretty well.

The ultimate goal is to get as much content moved over here as possible. That means my reviews, along with the various random bits I’ve done over the years. I still don’t know exactly how functional this place will be as a website unto itself, but failing that at least it’ll give me impetus to try to add some content to this thing. (That is, after I get a job. Priorities, people.)

So, yeah. Let me know if there’s anything looking particularly funky on your end. I did stretch the margins of the newshole for this theme to beyond 800 pixels in width, so if you’re one of those poor souls that is still subsisting on 800×600 resolution, get with it.


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