He’s alive! He’s still writing! Let us all rejoice!

I almost feel a bit embarrassed writing this update, considering how long it’s been since I refreshed any of my content. Then again, I think I have a fairly decent reason for dropping off the face of the earth this time around. Y’see, while I do write video game reviews, I’d also like to, y’know, play a video game or two once in a while? And when the game I’m playing takes close to 100 hours to complete, then obviously I’m going to be occupied by that and not rewriting my review for Final Fantasy III yet again.

Which reminds me: I rewrote my review for Final Fantasy III yet again. Among a few others.

Here’s what this latest update has in the way of rewrites, incidentally featuring both the highest- and the lowest-rated reviews in my collection:

Apparently at some point between updates I rewrote the review for DuckTales as well, but I’m leaving that separate since I don’t remember exactly when that was done.

As for the game I just got done playing, it would be a bit of a waste to invest all that time into the game and not review it, so look for something on that front sometime between now and when the Mayans predicted the world would end.


Loog  miniicon


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